Nine-year-old girl dies after eating pancake

Nine-year-old girl dies after eating pancake

By: Ritika shree
13 Oct 2017

New Delhi: A nine-year-old Indian girl died from an allergic reaction after taking a single bite of a pancake in northwest London.

As per reports, Nainika Tikoo was allergic to dairy products and asked her father to add blackberries to the pancake.

Reports say that she had never consumed the fruit and just after eating the first bite, she turned blue and collapsed.

Although the family tried to treat her and medicos arrived just a few minutes of the incident, the little girl suffered a cardiac arrest.

Parents suspect that something may have been contaminated in the meal that became the reason for her death.

After the tragedy which happened in May this year, the parents of the girl now spend their time campaigning for better awareness and treatment for allergies.