Mohammed Shami and me have to take more responsibility at death overs, says Umesh Yadav

Mohammed Shami and me have to take more responsibility at death overs, says Umesh Yadav

By: Ritika shree
30 Sep 2017

India fast bowler Umesh Yadav feels that Mohammed Shami and he should take more responsibility being the senior bowlers in the Indian team. The pacer said that both of them were playing after a long time and gave 15-20 runs more in the 4th ODI against Australia in Bangalore but added that atmosphere is the dressing room in good despite the 21-run loss as the batsmen put in a good effort to take as past 300.

“It’s good (atmosphere is dressing room). We know we lost the game but batsmen put in a good effort. We gave 15-20 runs extra and we have to control that. Mohammed Shami and me played after a long time. But, we are senior bowlers and have to take responsibility. We have to bowl whatever the team needs from us. There is a little bit like good balls and bad balls but I think everything went well. As fast bowlers, Shami and me have to take more responsibility at death overs otherwise everything is okay,” Umesh said in the pre-match presser in Nagpur.

India and Australia are in Nagpur to play the final ODI of the five-match series. India lead the series 3-1 and will like to finish on a high note. The loss in Bangalore ended India’s winning streak of nine ODIs.

Umesh said that he personally feels that he is fit enough to play all three formats of the game. As a fast bowler, he takes these things as a challenge and till he his body is hit, he is happy to be part of any format. He stressed that he has no complains even if he is playing only Test cricket.

“I think ODIs will continue to be played more than Tests and I like Test cricket because you have time. I like Test because you have situations and match analysis and I like those challenges. Challenges like picking wickets on slow wickets as a fast bowler. These things bring more confidence in you and you become accurate because you know how to bowl on this wicket and focus more on bowling there.

“I think I am more than happy to play Test cricket. In ODIs, you have less time due to format. It’s good if you play both ODIs and Test but I think it’s good for me to play cricket in any format. In my age I would love to play all formats and it’s good for me. I would love to play all formats,” he said.

Talking about choices a fast bowler has to make in picking matches to be played and not to be played, Umesh said that a fast bowler should be ready for any challenge. He said that with Test being played less often and a bowler takes long break and then performing a match becomes difficult

“Test matches are becoming fewer so what will you do in free time? A fast bowler’s body needs match practice because practice is good but match practice is necessary. Until you do match practice your body won’t keep the form according to the match situation. This is important because your body is fully utilised when when bowling in matches.

“Bowling in nets is great and you know you are practicing but there are nets all-around. You don’t understand which way is the bowl going. Bowling to your team batsmen and bowling to a batsman from opposite is very different. Picking matches can be done in a series where we play four Tests against a team and then an ODI series comes,” he said before adding, “If your body is able to play, then I am ready. But if you are saying I will only play Test or ODI then why are you a fast bowler or even a bowler. That is the only challenge and it’s just cricket.”

The Indian pacer stressed on the recovery period of a fast bowler and how the BCCI has done well to distribute the load of the Indian pacers.

“It is very good for fast bowlers. If you play continuous Test cricket, it’s lots of load for the fast bowlers because you play in sub-continent and there’s no pace and bounce in wickets. You have to put in 110 percent. It is hard for us to comeback in ODIs with same intensity and it’s difficult. It’s better to get some rest to recover small niggles. I appreciate this concept as we get rest.

“It’s very important for a fast bowler who is coming after playing Test cricket. He must know how much he has to bowl in gap between two series, how is my recovery and what are the chances of injury. You have to look after yourself and bowl according. If your body is smooth then continue with that but if you are coming after a long season then more than bowling practice, you need recovery. As a fast bowler, you can play continuously but your fitness level keeps falling which creates small niggles which become big injuries. These injuries keep you out of team for longer period of time then. We have done well to distribute out load.”