Dead Dolphin Penises Given Erection For Fake Sex Experiment

Dead Dolphin Penises Given Erection For Fake Sex Experiment

By: Ritika shree
12 Oct 2017

Scientists from Dalhousie University, the University of Massachusetts and Tufts University have been conducting some weird sex research to understand the evolution of vaginas and penises in sea creatures. In one such experiment, these researchers inflated dead dolphin penises and gave them erections so they fit vaginas. This weird fake sex experiment was done by the researchers who wanted to study how the marine creatures have sex and the study noted the areas of the penis that touch the vagina. When a male dolphin fell in love with a female researcher.

The study was published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B and was headed by Dara Orbach. Obrach was trying to understand the process of reproduction in animals like dolphins, harbour porpoises and harbour seals. Studying the sex life of sea creatures has an issue as they spend most of their time underwater. This is the reason that the researchers decided to study the procedure on dolphins who have died due to natural causes. The reproductive organs of dead dolphins, whales and porpoises were frozen and sent to the researchers.

The experiment studied how the penises of the male sea creatures fit the vaginas of the female. To conduct this experiment, the penis of a dead dolphin was inflated and inserted inside the casts of vaginas. The simulation was done in order to understand the mechanics of sex between these creatures. The study observed that the marine mammals have “diverse genitalia and are adapted to aquatic living and mating.” Baby Dolphin dies because of people’s selfie obsession once again! Watch tragic video.

Observing the differences in the mating manners of normal dolphins, harbour porpoises and bottlenose dolphins, the report said, “With the common dolphin, copulation tended to be what it seemed — a straightforward means of mating. But things were different with the harbour porpoises and bottlenose dolphins — the structure of the vagina was arranged such that the female could channel sperm away from her eggs if she so desired, allowing her to choose which male would inseminate her.”

The study is being viewed as a way of studying the evolutionary process of the genitals of sea creatures. The research will help the scientists understand how sex works in other species. The mechanical interactions during copulation were also noted down. The fake vagina casts that were created will be perfected to better resemble their living models. Obrach hopes that this step might mean animals release more or better quality semen for artificial insemination.