Arvind Kejriwal charges BJP's VIPs associated with PNB extortion, says individuals need to know whether their cash is sheltered in bank

By: Anoj Yadav
19 Feb 2018

New Delhi: Delhi boss clergyman Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday affirmed that the best authority of the BJP government was engaged with the Rs 11,400-crore charged extortion at the Punjab National Bank (PNB) which was the reason very rich person could Nirav Modi escape the nation.

Conversing with columnists in New Delhi, the main pastor said the focal government should answer when Modi and troubled alcohol noble Vijay Mallya would be captured.

"Nirav Modi fled the nation in the wake of submitting a trick of Rs 11,000 crore which can't just be an occurrence. Bunches of organizations are associated with it and it isn't conceivable until the point when it gets gesture from the best," he affirmed.

"In this way, plainly head honchos of the Center is engaged with this issue. How might it be conceivable that Vijay Mallya fled with Rs 9,000 crore and Nirav Modi got away with Rs 11,000 crore, which plainly demonstrates that best authority of the focal government is specifically engaged with it," Kejriwal affirmed.

On Saturday, the BJP had claimed that multi-crore trick including the extremely rich person adornments planner occurred amid the UPA control and the Congress was spreading deceives misdirect the general population.

Kejriwal said the general population needed to know whether their cash in the bank was protected or not.

"A few people called me also and asked about their saved cash. The administration (Center) should answer when Nirav Modi and Vijay Mallya will be captured as the whole nation needs to think about this," Kejriwal inquired.

The central pastor likewise claimed the tricks that had occurred amid the past Congress-drove UPA government were all the while going ahead under the present government.

"Whatever tricks occurred amid the Congress government's administration are as yet going on. Not even a solitary one was halted. Individuals had voted in favor of the BJP in 2014, trusting that it would bring some change, yet nothing has changed," Kejriwal affirmed.

"Not even a solitary individual (associated with claimed tricks amid the UPA administration) has been sent to imprison. Both the gatherings (BJP and Congress) are turn in glove. Nothing has been changed, and individuals are just being tricked," he affirmed.

On Saturday, the BJP, which handled Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman to counter the Congress' charge, had guaranteed that it was under the NDA government that tricks conferred amid the UPA control were being uncovered at this point.

"The first sin occurred amid the Congress administration. It increased, it took footing under the Congress administration," she had told correspondents on Saturday.

"We are not planning to enable scamsters to escape the nation, but rather the BJP government is getting them rather," she had said.

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