6 Things That Can Help You fight With Depression And restless

6 Things That Can Help You Control  With Depression And stress

By: Ritika shree
10 Oct 2017

It happens so quietly that you cannot ready for it, and before you know, you are enveloped in its grip so tight that escape seems impossible. So what does one do? Does one sit in a corner with the head bowed, eyes shut, and arms tightly wrapped, waiting for it to leave, or does one stand up and fight?

Battling with anxiety, stress, and depression can be hard, but it is not impossible. With a little care, awareness, and self-love, you can manage, if not overcome, the constant feeling of despair. How do I know? Well, I do it every day.

Here are some tried and tested things you can do to help you deal with the problem.

1. Accept

Acceptance is the first step of healing. You can, of course, wallow in self-pity, or you can take it in your override and move ahead. Mental disturbances are quite similar to physical disorders. They are often caused by chemical imbalance in the brain or external triggers just like physical disorders, and just like any physical disorder, they can happen to any of us--some are affected more than the others, and some deal with them better than others. Accepting it makes a whole lot of difference. So breathe deep, smile wide, and embrace yourself wholeheartedly.

2. Share

Having someone who understands makes a lot of difference. If you are not comfortable sharing your feelings with immediate family, spouse, or even close friends, reach out to a support group. There are numerous mental well-being communities worldwide that extend help and support. Look them up online, connect with them on social media, or be an active physical member, the choice is yours. Knowing you are not alone always makes you feel better and more confident.

3. Identify Your Triggers

Most episodes of more stress, anxiety, and deep depression are set off by a trigger. The trigger could be an intangible feeling or fear, or a more concrete situation. Is it fatigue or feeling out of control that does it for you? Or is it coming face to face with an unhappy situation or person that sets you off? Recognizing what triggers the discomfort and despair helps not only dealing with them better but also stopping the feeling to a large extent.

4. Pursue A Hobby

Doing what you love doing is a great and easy way to feel good. Investing time in yourself is proven to make you feel more positive and happier. Recall a long forgotten passion and revive it. Music, arts, dancing, gardening, philately, travel, writing, poetry, pottery--any of these activities will support you heal and feel positive. Join online and offline communities and connect with people who share your love. Creating something new, even as an amateur, gives you a feeling of accomplishment which goes a long way in ensuring metal well being.

5. Walk. Run. Work-out.

Picking yourself up and stepping out for a run is the last thing you'd want to do on a bad day, but trust me, once you have overcome that difficulty , rest will be much easier. Studies have shown that physical activity helps the body produce endorphins, hormones that promote the feeling of happiness and euphoria. According to NCBI, "Exercise improves mental health by reducing anxiety, depression, and negative mood and by improving self-esteem and cognitive function." If running or working out seems impossible, just step out for a walk in the park--looking at the green grass and blue sky will do you more good that you can imagine.

6. Love Yourself. Unconditionally.

We live in times where loving ourselves is not the simplest thing to do. The perfection portrayed in the media, movies , and social media makes it even more difficult to appreciate our imperfections and flaws. The trick is to understand that what is portrayed is not always complete and that perfection may not always be possible. Knowing our limitations and capabilities helps us appreciate the flaws in others too. Love yourself unconditionally no matter what, and the rest will follow.

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